Making the Best Satellite TV Decision

Making the Best Satellite TV Decision

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If you’ve watched any television in the last 24 hours you’ve probably seen an ad for a satellite television company. Often times these commercials promise many things to entice you into making a purchase. Free months of service, free equipment, and free installation are often mentioned as reasons why you should go with a particular service. These days it is extremely confusing when trying to make an informed buying decision.
There are two main companies that are currently selling satellite television service. Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer excellent programming, a clear signal, and a quality customer service experience. So, you might be asking yourself, which one is better? Good question. Let me provide a few of the differences and similarities so that you may make a decision.
Channel Selection – Both satellite companies offer similar channel selections. From my experience DirecTV offers a wider range of programming. You’ll have to decide for yourself which channels are most important and then check each provider to see whether they’re carried. If your a sports fan, both providers offer all of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL packages for your viewing pleasure.
Music Channels – I’m a huge fan of this optional service. If you enjoy satellite television or are just interested in commercial-free radio you might be interested in learning that both satellite tv providers have teamed up with satellite radio providers to offer you a great additional service. DISH Network is working with Sirius satellite radio to bring you music channels on your television while DirecTV has partnered with XM satellite radio. Both bring excellent sound and musical choice to the television.
Price – The price of service varies greatly depending upon the package of service you select. Since price changes so frequently my best advice is to compare both and see which provides the better deal.
Free Equipment – Both DISH Network and DirecTV now offer HDTV and DVR service. If you have an HDTV television you may be able to get a free receiver that will allow you to receive transmissions in HDTV. Both satellite tv providers now offer this option.
In conclusion, you really can’t go wrong with whichever choice you make. Whether you go with DirecTV or DISH Network is dependent upon your personal preferences.

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