Online Poker a Gaming Phenomenon or Cheat’s Paradise?

Online Poker a Gaming Phenomenon or Cheat’s Paradise?

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Online poker is rapidly becoming the most popular gambling game anywhere on the internet. It is currently estimated that around 2 million active real money players visit the online poker rooms every month. That amounts to a phenomenal number of people hell-bent on gambling away their hard-earned cash, in the hope of cleaning up at the tables.
Many believe that poker is a game of skill, and while this may bear some truth in the real world, playing poker at the online casinos is anything but skillful. It’s very unlikely that anyone can ever really win and walk away with the pot on any online poker room anywhere. You may win a little here and there and you may beat your opponents from time to time, but the chances of beating the house are absolutely remote.
It’s well known that the world’s greatest poker players don’t ever play online, simply because they know there’s no way to win. Some may say they do, because the online casino companies are paying them to endorse their poker rooms and associated products.
But still the lure of huge possible winnings from well publicized tournaments, keep the masochistic herds flocking back to the tables, to endure more self-inflicted financial pain time and again. Some almost appear to be oblivious to their losses. The only goal they have is to feed their hunger for easy monetary delights at the expense of their bank accounts and their ‘shot-away’ nervous systems.
As they eagerly await their next online poker fix, many will undoubtedly deliberate, for a few seconds at least, over their past experiences of loss, and then shut it out of their minds forever. Denial is a dangerous thing. Is online gambling addictive? It must be highly addictive. There can be no other answer for it. In my view it should carry a government health warning.
Preying on people’s addiction to gambling is a sure-fire way to make a small fortune in a relatively short period of time. Is it any wonder then that there are literally hundreds of online poker websites, boasting thousands of active tables? This does go to prove that some people, namely online poker site owners, are making a killing from the game.
One major drawback with online poker is, there’s always the possibility that what you see on your computer’s monitor may not necessarily be the same as others see. What am I inferring? Cheating? Yes, online poker cheats are rife. And who can to blame them? Money is a very powerful resource and people will do almost anything to get their hands on it.
If someone’s cheating in a poker room in which you’re playing, how would you know? Chances are you won’t. The only way to keep everything on an even keel is to cheat your self. Cheating may be the only way to clean up at the tables, or at the very least, give yourself a fighting chance.
A little research will reveal that a number of online poker cheat software programs are available, and at very reasonable prices, considering how much you may have lost already. For the many hardened online poker players with more losses than wins to their credit, a top-rated poker cheat software program must surely be a consideration.
Of course, this article would never have been written at all if everyone played the game fair and square.

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